Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep


Originally developed for British military veterans Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep is a holistic approach to wellness for people with stress or trauma affected sleep patterns.

The workshop uses scientifically verified mindfulness-based techniques alongside breath and body work practices proven to reduce stress and increase sleep quality.

This workshop will explore topics including:

  • The science of sleep cycles

  • Embracing nightmares

  • The neuroscience of trauma

  • Sleep hygiene

  • Dream work for trauma integration

Using a tool box of powerful practices this workshop will empower the individual to reclaim their sleep and dreams.

Whether its common work-related stress or the more serious effects of trauma, this workshop teaches effective techniques to help us sleep better and wake up healthier.

Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep is based on an unconditionally compassionate approach to sleep, dreams & nightmares and is made up of 5 foundations detailed below:

  1. Normalisation

  2. Hypnagogic Mindfulness (yoga Nidra)

  3. De-stigmatising Nightmares

  4. Coherent Breathing (Breath-Body- Mind approach)

  5. Lucid Dreaming

Learning these practices before stress or trauma affect us is especially beneficial and so everybody is welcome to come and learn whether they currently have trouble with sleep or not.


At the moment the only retreats to offer Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep are those run by the brilliant veterans charity Sadaya who can be contacted HERE


The 1on1 sessions are bespoke so just let Charlie know how you want to spend your session and he will do his best to accommodate your requests.

All sessions are 1 hour long and there are bursaries available for armed forces veterans or blue light service workers.

Please contact Charlie at  for bookings.