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Wake Up To Sleep: 5 Powerful Practices to Transform Stress and Trauma for Peaceful Sleep and Mindful Dreams

Inspired by his work with military veterans, sleep expert Charlie Morley explores how to combat the harmful effects of stress and trauma in order to achieve restful sleep and healing dreams. This guide shares more than 20 body, breath, sleep and dreaming techniques, all proven to help reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality, integrate nightmares, increase your energy and transform your relationship with sleep.

You'll discover:
·       a five-step plan that improves sleep in 87% of participants
·       the science of how stress and trauma affect sleep
·       yoga nidra and mindfulness practices for deep relaxation
·       breathwork practices to regulate the nervous system
·       lucid dreaming methods to transform nightmares

Whether you're experiencing stressed-out sleep or not, these powerful practices will help you optimize the time you spend dreaming so that you can sleep better and wake up healthier.

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