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Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep (MODS) is a holistic approach to wellness for people with stress or trauma affected sleep patterns co-created by Charlie Morley.

Although specialising in nightmare integration techniques since 2008 Charlie’s work with armed forces veterans started in 2016 when he was invited to teach at a "Veterans Mindfulness Retreat" led by the late veteran paratrooper Keith McKenzie.

​Then in 2018 Charlie was awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship grant to travel to the US and Canada to research “Mindfulness based PTSD treatment in veterans”. The findings of this fellowship led to the creation of the "Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep for Trauma or Stress Affected Sleep Patterns" workshop.

​To watch the mini-documentary containing these findings click HERE.

Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep is based on an unconditionally compassionate approach to sleep, dreams & nightmares and is made up of 5 pillars detailed below:

  1. Sleep Awareness

  2. Deep relaxation(yoga Nidra)

  3. Coherent Breathing (Breath-Body-Mind )

  4. Transforming Nightmares

  5. Lucid Dreaming

Although originally developed for armed forces veterans with PTSD the MODS workshops and courses are beneficial for anyone who wants to sleep better.

The overall aim is to help empower the individual to reclaim their sleep and dreams.

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